Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of World Textiles VOLUME 6 (TRADE AND INDUSTRY)

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Call for Papers
November 27, 2020 to December 31, 2020
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African History / Studies, American History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Italian History / Studies, Mexican History / Studies

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of World Textiles


Call for Contributors-VOLUME 6 (TRADE AND INDUSTRY)


Textiles have been essential to human life since pre-history, have been traded for millennia, and - as the continuing focus of technological and artistic innovation - have a dynamic future in the form of e-textiles. The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of World Textiles will offer, in 700 articles, 3 million words, and 3,500 images, the definitive resource on textiles across cultures and time. Drawing upon archaeology, anthropology, history, art, design, and the social sciences as well as materials science and technology, the ten-volume set will present original articles which:


  • define textiles
  • describe how they have been made, traded and consumed globally over time
  • examine their uses, meaning and significance in both private and public domains
  • explore the new materials created as a result of recent technological advances and engage with the future of textiles in a world of finite resources 


The architecture of the encyclopedia will reflect the multimodal nature of the subject and will be organized into ten overarching themes.


We are currently looking for contributions for Volume 6 Trade and Industry: global circulation of local manufacture, and the migration and consumption of textile products, both historically and contemporaneously.

Papers on Eurasian textile trade in antiquity, South European, African, and American textile trade are particularly welcome. 


Individual entries will be a maximum of 4,000 words with deadlines for submission of drafts between March and December 2021.


Prospective contributors are invited to submit a detailed abstract by the end of December 2020, including:

  • A Proposed title. 

  • Up to 500 words outlining the narrative of the piece:

    • Main themes 

    • Approaches

    • Any case studies and/or examples you would like to discuss

    • Scope of inquiry (be it historical, cultural, etc.)

    • Potential references, or where you hope to get the information from. 

    • If possible, please also indicate how many images and/or figures you think you might want to include in the piece. For now, of course, this would only be indicative; nonetheless, it would be helpful for us to know.

  • Five keywords were relevant for the piece at the end of the abstract. 

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Mariachiara Gasparini (co-editor of Volume 6)





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