The First International Workshop at the Japanese Association for Migration Studies

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December 20, 2020
California, Japan
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Asian American History / Studies, Ethnic History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Literature

The First International Workshop: International Dialogue on Migration Studies

Virtual Workshop on Zoom

9:00am-12:20pm JST on December 20, 2020

Sponsored by Japanese Association for Migration Studies, 
Co-sponsored by Japanese Diaspora Initiative, Hoover Institution

English captions for the presentations and translators will be available.

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The registration closes on December 13, 2020. We will send the zoom link to your registered email address.

The Program

Moderator   Eiichiro Azuma  (University of Pennsylvania)

Part I: Settler Colonialism and Racism in the Japanese Emigration History 

Sidney Lu (Michigan State University): Malthusian Expansionism: Locating Japanese Emigration in Global History

Christen Sasaki (University of California, San Diego): Emerging Nations, Emerging Empires: Inter-imperial Intimacies and Competing Settler Colonialisms in Hawai‘i

Hiroshi Sekiguchi  (Shikoku University ): The Japanese Community in America and Burakumin

Part II: Immigrant Intellectuals in the U.S. and Brazil

Andrew Leong (University of California, Berkeley): Inventing the Issei: Kanzaki Kiichi’s “The Road Ahead for Compatriots in America” (1917)

Seth Jacobowitz (City College of New York): Ishikawa Tatsuzō’s America and Brazil

Koji Sasaki  (Keio University ) : Beyond Organic: Doyo-kai and the Knowledge Projects in the Post-war Japanese Immigrant Community in Brazil

Discussants: Mariko Iijima (Sophia University) and Mariko Mizuno (University of Toyama)



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