Panel Reconsidering the Rules of Ethnographical and Oral History Research in Times of Global Crises and Digital Ubiquity (SIEF2021, Helsinki, Finland 21-24 June 2021)

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Call for Papers
November 26, 2020
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Anthropology, Archival Science, Oral History, Cultural History / Studies, Research and Methodology

Short abstract:

Digital technologies and the current global crises have had major consequences for research. The panel welcomes papers, which explore how these changes generate new, innovative methodological approaches, solutions, and best practices for future historical, ethnographical and oral history research.

Long abstract:

In recent decades, digital technology has become an essential part of our everyday life and a necessary tool for conducting multi-sited ethnography and oral history research. This is more than ever obvious now, when the COVID-19-pandemia has abruptly cancelled, altered or postponed our plans, and revealed the vulnerability of our private lives and research. The current pandemia, compounded with the realities of climate change and ubiquity of mediated lives, will continue to have unpredictable and long-standing consequences on our scholarly life and research methods. In this panel, we reconsider the rules of ethnographical and oral history research and working in the archives. We will explore new venues for engagement when we are not able to observe the everyday life or be actively engaged in the activities of our research participants, when we can conduct interviews face-to-face only virtually or when we cannot conduct archival work in ways we are accustomed to. The panel will orient itself to how we need to carry out ethnographical and oral history research in the future. What kind of new methods and mindsets do we need? How do digital methods, multi-sited ethnography and remote access to archival materials effect our studies and the people we study? What are the intended and unintended consequences of these? The panel welcomes papers, which explore these changes and provide new, innovative methodological approaches, solutions, and best practices for future ethnographical, historical, and oral history research.

Convenors: Anne Heimo (Anne Heimo (University of Turku) and Marija Dalbello (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)  

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