CFP: A Cultural History of Exploration (Bloomsbury 2024)

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Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies, World History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology


CFP: A Cultural History of Exploration (Bloomsbury 2024)

Edited by Prof. Lauren Beck (Mount Allison University, Canada) and Prof. Fabio López Lázaro (University of Hawaii, U.S.A.)


We are still seeking some chapter authors for this 6-volume series that critically approaches exploration history’s key and emerging themes across the world, from antiquity to today, including:

  • In Vol. 2, Medieval, an author for Chapter 3: 'Ideal and Idealised Explorer Typologies'
  • In Vol. 6, Modern Age, an author for Chapter 6: 'Visualizing Exploration'

A Cultural History of Exploration (under contract with Bloomsbury) uniquely emphasizes a global approach to exploration, which will distinguish this multi-volume project from others like it, while ensuring that non-western views on exploration history become a featured element of this series as well as the discipline. Exploration conceptually was not only about discovering lands previously unknown or unknowable: it was also about what drove humanity to expand across the globe, for instance the search for natural resources, commodities, and technologies; the insemination of religious or cultural ideology in new peoples; and the acquisition of territory. This six-volume series also meditates on the experiences of the people who were explored across time and space and, when possible, considers in turn their exploration of the peoples and cultures who arrived on their shores.


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