Seals and Linked Open Data

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December 2, 2020 to December 8, 2020
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Anthropology, Archaeology, European History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

Seals are an important source of information for scholars interested in the ancient and medieval worlds.

About this Event

Seals and Linked Open Data

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Panel 1: Repositories and Seals

December 2nd, 15:00-16:50 (Central European Time)

15:00-15:04 – Welcome (John McEwan, Saint Louis University)

15:05-15:14 – Opening Remarks (Elizabeth New, Aberystwyth University)

15:15-15:29 – Helen Geake (Portable Antiquities Scheme), ‘From archaeology to sigillography: working with the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s dataset’

15:30-15:44 – Martina Bolom-Kotari (University of Hrdec Kárlové), ‘Making seals accessible in the archives of the Czech Republic’

15:45-15:59 – Amy Sampson (The National Archives), ‘A conservator’s perspective’

16:00-16:14 – Torsten Hiltmann and Philipp Schneider (‘Machine Learning and seals’)

16:15-16:50 – Discussion


Panel 2: Linking Datasets

December 3rd, 15:00-16:50 (Central European Time)

15:00-15:04 – Welcome (Philippa Hoskin, Cambridge University)

15:05-15:19 – Maria do Rosário Morujão (University of Coimbra), ‘Sigillvm Portugaliae: an online corpus of seals from Portugal and in Portuguese archives’

15:20-15:34 – Martina Filosa (University of Cologne) and Alessio Sopracasa (Sorbonne University), ‘SigiDoc: an encoding standard for (not only) Byzantine seals’

15:35-15:49 – John McEwan (Saint Louis University), ‘Linking and digitizing legacy catalogues: the Digisig project’

15:50-16:04 – Markus Späth (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen), ‘Uncovering a cosmos of European sealing culture: Digitizing the Beissel cast collection’

16:05-16:14 – Georg Vogeler (University of Graz), ‘The RDF/SKOS version of the Vocabulaire Internationale de la Sigillographie’

16:15-16:50 – Discussion


Panel 3: Le potentiel des grands ensembles de donées pour la sigillographie / The potential of large datasets for sigillography

December 8rd, 15:00-16:50 (Central European Time)


15:00-15:04 – Bienvenue/ Welcome (Maria do Rosário Morujão, University of Coimbra)

15:05-15:19 – María Narbona Cárceles (University of Zaragoza), ‘Le groupe de recherche SIGYDOC, et la base de données SIGILAR (Sigilografía Aragonesa)/ The SIGYDOC research group and the SIGILAR (Sigilografia Aragonesa) database’

15:20-15:34 – Laurent Hablot (École Pratique des Hautes Études), ‘SIGILLA, la base de données pour les ressources françaises/ SIGILLA, digital database for French resources’

15:35-15:49 – Philippe Jacquet, ‘Sigillographie et la numérisations 3D/ Sigillography and 3D digitization’

15:50-16:04 – Georg Vogeler (University of Graz), ‘Seals in’

16:04-16:50 – Discussion



The event will be held in English and French

Organized by

The Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University with Linked Past 6

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Dr. John McEwan, assistant director at the Walter J. Ong Center for Digital Humanities

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