CfP: XXVIII International Interdisciplinary Colloquium of the Graduate Students’ Association of the Department of History of the University of Montreal (AÉDDHUM), Theme: Scandals and Silences

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Call for Papers
December 15, 2020
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Humanities, Social Sciences

Call for Papers

Scandals and Silences

 March 29, 30, and 31 2021

2020 has been a scandalous year—protests in Hong Kong, the management of the coronavirus crisis, police brutality, crowds pulling down statues, the US elections, Beirut’s port explosion, the death of Joyce Echaquan… Public interest in these events has encouraged the media to pay special attention to them, often at the expense of reporting on other significant occurrences, such as the imprisonment of Uighurs in China, the EndSARS movement in Nigeria, the struggle between the Mi'kmaq and fishermen in Nova Scotia, the famine in Yemen, the protests in Thailand, the forced sterilization of migrant women in the United States.

This silencing is in itself scandalous. 

Yet the perception of scandals and silences change over time. What was once a silence can now be seen as scandalous. This colloquium seeks to investigate silenced and scandalous events, characters and movements in history. Likewise, it will explore how disruptive and new approaches in humanities and social sciences reshuffle the interpretations of the past, bringing to light the silenced, the forgotten and the marginalised of history, both through time and in the historical field.

To this end, the organising committee aims to provide an online platform for exchanges and reflections on the meaning of scandals and silences from an epistemological and historical point of view. What is a scandal? Who has the authority to call it so? How does the perception of a scandal evolve over time? How do silences become scandals? What mechanisms silence or marginalize certain voices? How does an event, group, or movement emerge from silence? How can scholars disrupt dominant narratives? How do they fit into these multiple dynamics?

The committee invites proposals on a range of subjects including (but not limited to):

  • To understand and theorise historical and current events, characters, and movements considered scandalous as well as their evolution over time.

  • To analyse and shed light on the silenced, the forgotten and the marginalised in history and historical research. 

  • To explore the historiographical and epistemological issues related more broadly to the concepts of scandal and silence, but also disruptive approaches to the humanities. 

Graduate students from any field of study whose work focuses on these themes are invited to participate in the XXVIII International Interdisciplinary Colloquium of Graduate Students’ Association of the Department of History of the University of Montreal. Participation in this virtual colloquium is an excellent opportunity to present your research, interact with fellow students and professors, and eventually publish your findings. 

Please submit your proposal in either English or French (350 words maximum) and a short biography (50 words maximum) before December 15, at 9 p.m.(GMT-5), to with a copy to Applicants must also provide their first and last name and their institutional affiliation.

Contact Info: 

Audrey Martel-Dion (she/her)

Coordinator of the Colloquium Committee