Research Reimagined: Navigating the New Remote Research Terrain

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Call for Papers
January 8, 2021
California, United States
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Anthropology, Area Studies, Asian History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Sociology

Research Reimagined: Navigating the New Remote Research Terrain


DEADLINE: Review of submissions will begin on January 8, 2020

The University of San Francisco Center for Asia Pacific Studies is pleased to announce

a call for papers for a series of think pieces about reimagining research today to be

published in its peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, Asia Pacific Perspectives .

With this series, we plan to examine how scholars in the social sciences and humanities

are reimagining the practice of research on the Asia Pacific region. Disruptions like

travel restrictions, limited access to archives, archive closures, and travel restrictions

have made doing research difficult. Even prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, scholars faced

increasing restrictions when attempting to gain access to archives and materials or

subjects to survey and/or interview for oral history projects.


Under these circumstances, scholars must rethink how they do research. How can we

do fieldwork at a distance? How can we engage in remote research or in some cases

even continue to do research such as surveys, ethnography, archival work, oral

histories, etc. without the ability to directly or remotely gather information? Moveover,

what’s at stake in terms of the implications for IRBs and human research? How can we

collaborate with local colleagues who can (perhaps) assist with a project or point out

data that is readily available? What alternative sources of information or strategies have

scholars discovered to continue their research agenda? We encourage scholars to

share how they are navigating this new remote research terrain and envision new paths



We invite submissions of 3,000-5,000 words in length. Papers must represent original

work not already published or in press. For more information about Asia Pacific

Perspectives, please visit our website:


DEADLINE: Review of submissions will begin on January 8, 2020.

To submit a think piece for consideration: Email your documents electronically in MS

Word or compatible format to


Asia Pacific Perspectives (APP) (ISSN: 2167-1699) is an international, peer-reviewed

electronic journal that promotes cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, and the

dissemination of knowledge about the Asia Pacific. The editors welcome submissions

from all fields of the social sciences and the humanities that focus on the Asia Pacific,

especially those adopting a comparative, interdisciplinary approach to issues of

interrelatedness in the region. The journal facilitates academic discussions among both

established scholars in the field and advanced graduate students. APP is published

twice each year by the University of San Francisco Center for Asia Pacific Studies.

For more information, contact: Melissa S. Dale, Editor at or

visit: and check out our Guidelines for


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