USAbroad – Journal of American History and Politics: Special Issue in Celebration of Tiziano Bonazzi’s 80th Birthday “The History of the United States in Italy: Generations in Dialogue"

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the special issue of the journal USAbroad – Journal of American History and Politics, “The History of the United States in Italy: Generations in Dialogue – Special Issue in Celebration of Tiziano Bonazzi’s 80th Birthday”, can be downloaded for free at the
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From the publication of his first research project, (Il sacro esperimento. Teologia e politica nella America puritana, 1970), up to his most recent books on the American Revolution and Abraham Lincoln, Tiziano Bonazzi has made an important contribution to the development of American
Studies not only in Italy. As a scholar of US intellectual and political history, Bonazzi has taught for several years in important American universities and has thoroughly investigated the political and scientific culture of the United States, the complex historical relationship between institutions and politics, the role of Protestantism in shaping American politics and society, the intellectual and cultural exchanges between the United States and Europe, ultimately contributing to the growth of American History within Italy, which has been fully included in international academic debate.

The special issue of USAbroad provides an important illustration of current attitudes and approaches to the study of American History by the new generation of Italian scholars. Their essays highlight research trends and historiographical practices in social and political history, in intellectual history and international history, that reveal elements of continuity, but also substantial changes from the scholarship of the older historians with whom these authors grew up, in dialogue.

We hope that you will enjoy the issue and we look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.

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Contents of the special issue:
Preface, The History of the United States in Italy: Generations in Dialogue – Special Issue in Celebration of Tiziano Bonazzi’s 80th

Lorenzo Costaguta, For a Racial and Transnational History of the Origins of American Socialism

Giuliano Santangeli Valenzani, “This way to Fun:” Tourism Advertising in a Changing Deep South (1976-1981)

Ferdinando Fasce, Stefano Luconi, Cristina Bon, Roundtable: Social and Political History


Serena Mocci, An American in Rome during the Risorgimento: Reforms and Manifest Destiny in Margaret Fuller’s Dispatches from Rome (1847-1849)

Matteo Rossi, State, Market and Colonization: Notes on Empire in Nineteenth-Century U.S. History

Francesca Cadeddu, Comrades in a Sacred Cause. Methodist Women, Social Gospel and the Suffrage Movement in the Early Twentieth

Marta Gara, What Kind of Institutional Implementation for Participatory Democracy? Theories and Debate During the Long 1970s in the United

Arnaldo Testi, Matteo Battistini, Roundtable: Intellectual History


Gaetano Di Tommaso, Natural Resources, Modernity, and Security in the Progressive Era

Dario Fazzi, People’s Histories of the US Empire: A Trans-Local Approach to Study the Environment and the Cold War

Angela Santese, Between Pacifism and Environmentalism: The History of Greenpeace

Alice Ciulla, American Liberals and the Italian ‘Communist Question’ in the 1970s

Alessandra Bitumi, For the Soul of Europe. Jacques Delors’s Narrative Battle against Reaganomics

Marco Mariano, Federico Romero, Roundtable: International History

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