ICAS Conference on Diaspora 2021

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Call for Papers
December 18, 2020
United Kingdom
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African History / Studies, Arabic History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Literature

 ‘hybridizing in new global conditions’.  

Whilst there is a real need to drive inclusivity, to articulate these distances, these separations and belongings, these experiences and conditions, it also seems that in this surge of scrutiny, perhaps the term has become overly focused on grouping and boundedness? Brubaker cautions us that diasporic discourse is at risk of becoming teleological as a means of articulation thereby, masking the very real struggles that may only eventually produce collectiveness. Or, does this disavow any room for dynamics within diasporic studies? The very globalisation that Clifford refers to also brings with it a whole new set of parameters for perspectives on belonging.

Thus, ICAS 21, asks: What does diaspora mean in the 21st Century?  

We welcome any presentations that reflect the overall theme of the conference.  

Please submit a 200 word proposal on your presentation by Friday 11th December 2020 in Word or pdf files to: finniganl@src.ac.uk

All papers will be given consideration by the conference committee. Notification emails will be sent by end of December 2020.

Due to current Covid restrictions, all papers will be delivered virtually.  

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