CFP: Webinar_Transnational Humanities: Concept and Praxis_UCD Humanities Institute PhD Conference 2021

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Call for Papers
December 20, 2020
Ireland {Republic}
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Humanities, Social Sciences

 Transnational Humanities: Concept and Praxis

Call for papers

Webinar: UCD Humanities Institute PhD Conference

Keynote Speaker: Dr Ailbhe Kenny (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)

Friday, 19th February 2021

In an ever-changing and increasingly transnationalized world, the multidirectional movement of people, ideas, and commodities, enhanced by advances in transport, information, and communication technologies, have now become an integral aspect of our everyday lived-experience and identity formation. Born out of the awareness of the current condition, the analysis of the transnational network resonated with conversations in the humanities highlighting the interconnectivity of social, political, and cultural activities that cut across state boundaries. Transnationalism as a concept and praxis challenges the unexamined structural concepts that frame the world, people, knowledge, and objects into binary oppositions, i.e. their division into global/local, central/peripheral, western/non-western, or universal/particular camps and positions that reproduce a divisive and hierarchical form of society.

In the context of this complex and potentially conflictual condition of multidimensional interconnectedness, the 2021 PhD Conference of the UCD Humanities Institute is seeking proposals from emerging scholars and artists (doctoral candidates or researchers who received their PhD within the last five years) who are engaging with the concept, practice, or actors of transnationalism.

We invite proposals for individual papers suitable for a 15-minute presentation, or 3-paper panel sessions addressing topics that include but not limited to the transnational aspects of:

●    flow experience, subjectivity, and identity
●    cultural diversity, social integration, and solidarity 
●    community formation and emotional and affective relations
●    value crisis in intercultural encounters
●    socio-political agency and resistance
●    migration, diaspora, and international labour
●    human mobility and geography
●    space and place in a global context
●    borders and boundaries
●    creation and appreciation of music and fine arts
●    film and media studies 
●    the inter-cultural movement and development of ideas and philosophy
●    the geo- and bio-politics of knowledge
●    literature and translatability
●    multilingual encounters and the process of hybridization, enrichment, and symbiosis

Papers reflecting on the broad aspects of transnationalism are also welcome:
●    transnational philosophy, framework, and methodology 
●    transnationalism’s relation to globalization and advancements in technology
●    transnationality and transculturality
●    transnationalized knowledges and experience

Please submit an abstract of 250 words and a bio-note of around 200 words to  on or before 20 December 2020 (Sunday), 5:00 PM (Irish Standard Time). All proposals should include your name, email address and academic affiliation (if applicable). Please also include a main subject field plus secondary subject field in the application.

The conference will be held in English. The conference is convened by Resident Scholars of the UCD Humanities Institute. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and also with anthropogenic climate change in mind, we have decided to move the conference online.

For further information contact HI Resident Scholars Zhengfeng Wang, Bianca Rita Cataldi Mike Norris, or Kelly Louise Rexzy Agra, at the above email address.