Cafe Dissensus Issue 58: February 2021: Epidemics/Pandemics in Literature

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December 30, 2020
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Literature, Humanities, Race / Ethnic Studies, Sociology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

2021 Cafe Dissensus Issues

Issue 58: February 2021: Epidemics/Pandemics in Literature [Last date for submission: 30 December, 2020; Date of publication: 1 February, 2021]

Guest-Editor: Dr. Nishi Pulugurtha, Associate Professor, Department of English, Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College, West Bengal State University, Barasat, West Bengal.

Concept Note: Texts which deal with pandemics hold up before us examples of how things have been managed before in times of similar crises. There has always been literature of pandemic because there have always been pandemics. Covid-19 has changed our lives. As we try to hold on and deal with the immense changes that are happening all around us, in a world where the virus controls much of our lives, it would be interesting to examine the way pandemics/epidemics have been presented in literature. What marks the literature of plague, pestilence, and pandemic is an attempt to try and forge some sense of meaning out of the experiences of panic, fear, anxiety and hopelessness that constitutes pandemics/epidemics. The range of texts dealing with pandemics/epidemics is huge and in this issue of Café Dissensus on Epidemics/Pandemics and Literature, we welcome papers on these and other issues/topics that engage with the theme in literature from all over.

  • Dystopic fiction
  • Contagion and disease
  • Borders and migration
  • Isolation and quarantine
  • New forms of creativity
  • Reimaginations of home and space
  • Social justice
  • Public health
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Mental Health

Submission should be approximately 2000-2500 words. Please do provide a brief bio at the end of your piece. Since the magazine is geared toward non-academic readers, the citations within the body of the articles must be minimal, in the form of the name of an author or an idea, etc. The issue is planned for online publication in February, 2021. The call targets an academic and professional audience and all papers should follow the journal’s guidelines of submissions and policy. Please do not hesitate to contact the guest editor with any queries you might have.

Last date for submission: 30 December, 2020; Date of publication: 1 February, 2021. All submissions should be emailed to the Guest-Editor, Nishi Pulugurtha:

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