Course Reader (Black Freedom Struggles)

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May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021
Virginia, United States
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African American History / Studies, African History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Humanities, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies

I am seeking contributors for an undergraduate 300-400 level Africana History course reader centered around the theme Black Freedom Struggles. Please choose from the list below. If possible, choose two topics to write. Follow the writing guide for instructions. Email Latif Tarik the editor and state the topic you will contribute and Latiif Tarik will respond to your email in 48 hours. This project is contracted with Kendall Hunt Publishing See writing guide URL. This is a great opportunity to get published and contribute to course instruction. 


Course Description and Course Reader Theme (Black Freedom Struggles):

    This course examines the histories of African and African-descended people’s struggles for freedom around the world. Using a combination of primary and secondary sources, film and other media, students will explore and examine the nature of various black freedom struggles from the modern era to the present (1885-2021).

Scope of the Project:

  • Create an undergraduate course reader with the theme of Black Freedom Struggles for  Africana Studies Programs throughout the United States of America and the African Diaspora to be marketed by Kendall Hunt Publishing.
  • Construction of Book: 8 ½ x 11 manuscript, eBook with print option, website with supplemental materials for instruction.

Contributor’s Timeline

  • November 1, 2020 call for contributors released
  • February 28, 2021 1st drafts due
  • May 1, 2021, revisions due

Section I. Origins of Global Black Freedom

  • Summary of the Haitian Revolution
  • Maroons and Resistance
  • Black Settlements (In and out of the United States of America)
  • Slave Resistance and Revolts (In and out of the United States of America)

Section II: African American Radicalism in the 20th/21st Century

  • Black Women’s History/Experiences
  • Black Urban History (Radical historiography, for example MOVE)
  • Black Cultural History (Radical/Progressive movements arts, music, literature, etc.)
  • Harlem Renaissance/New Negro Movement
  • Black Intellectual History (Radical Intellectual Perspectives)
  • Black Political History (Early 20th century to modern)
  • Black Power Movement
  • Radical Black Youth Movements
  • African American Islamic Experiences 20th Century to modern (Nation of Islam, Dar Es Salaam, Moorish Science Temple of America, Ansaru Allah Community, or any connect Islamic connection to the Black experience)
  • Black Religious Movements and Spiritual Movements in the 20th Century (For example, Father Devine Peace Movement, Black Liberation Theology/James Cone etc.)
  • Black Leftist/Socialist/Communist History (For example Che Lumumba Club, Black Communist Personalities,  Black Bolshevik etc.)
  • Black Radical Feminism, Womanism, Intersectionality, Africana Womanism
  • Critical Race Theorists
  • Black Sports Radicals (Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Tommy Smith/John Carlos, Jackie Robinson, Wilma Rudolph etc.)
  • National Negro Congress
  • Southern Negro Youth Congress
  • SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
  • Deacons of Defense
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Black Panthers
  • Republic of New Afrika
  • American Negro Academy
  • African Blood Brotherhood
  • Black Student Protest in the United States (20th Century)
  • Anti-Lynching Campaigns
  • 1963 March on Washington
  • League of Revolutionary Black Workers
  • Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM)
  • Million Man March
  • Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
  • Black Community Control Movement

Section III: Radical Global Perspectives

  • Black Transnationalism and Modern Global Migratory Impact
  • Origins of the African Diaspora as a Discipline of Study (Emphasis on Joseph Harris, Collin Palmer, St. Clair Drake etc.)
  • New Formations in the Modern African Diaspora
  • African and African Diaspora Environmental Movements ( For example Greenbelt Movement)
  • African Nationalistic Movements (Anti-Colonial Movements)
  • 20th and 21st Century Pan-African Movements/Politics
  • Women in the African Revolution Movement (Women of the Mau Maus, MPLA, Apartheid etc.)
  • Radical Women in the Caribbean, South and Central America Social, Cultural or Political Movements
  • African and Diasporic Artistic Movements
  • Critiques of African or African Diasporic Social Structures (colonialism, service based economies, capitalism, socialism)
  • Negritude Movements (Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and the United States)
  • Scientific and Technological Formation in the Africana World
  • Impact of Africana World Senses (Spiritual Systems, Indigenous Sciences, Knowledge Production)
  • Global Sports Impact in the Africana World
  • Critical Race Theory and the Africana World
  • Pan African Congresses (Emphasis 5th, 6th, and 7th Congresses)
  • Mau Mau Revolution
  • Africana Islamic Movements and Personalities (Examples, Muslims in the African Anti-Colonial Movements or Duse Muhammad Ali)
  • Africana Radical Progressive Cultural Movements (Reggae Movement, Fela Kuti, Afro-Cubano, Jazz, Art etc.)
  • Africana Black Student Protest Movements (Africa, Europe, South Pacific, Asia, South/Central America, Caribbean)

Section IV: Global Movements

  • African Socialism
  • Negritude Movement
  • Afrocentricity Movement
  • Pan African Movement
  • Caribbean Socialism
  • Black Socialist Movement
  • Black History Movement
  • Hip Hop as a Conscious Movement
  • Black Women History Movement
  • Kwanzaa (United States Movement and Global Impact)
  • Black Power Movement
  • Black Labor Movement (Local and Global Perspective)
  • Environmental Justice Movements in the African Diaspora
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Apartheid Movement
  • TransAfrica Organization
  • Uhuru Movement (African People’s Socialist Party)
  • All African People’s Revolutionary Party
  • Black/African Religious Movements (20th Century)
  • MOVE (John Africa and Ideology)
  • Jericho Movement/Black Prison Activism
  • Black Conscious Movement (Global)
  • Universal Negro Improvement Association (Global and Local Perspectives)
  • Black Studies Movement
  • Radical Black Atlantic
  • New Jewel Movement (Grenada Revolution)
  • African Arts Movement (20th/21st century)
  • Caribbean/South Americas Movement

Section V: Historical Personalities

  • Shirley Graham DuBois                    
  • W.E.B DuBois
  • Sekou Toure
  • Eldridge Clever
  • Huey P. Newton
  • Cathleen Clever
  • Elain Brown
  • Julius K. Nyerere
  • Amiri Baraka
  • Kwame Toure
  • Walter Rodney
  • Tim Hector
  • Hubert Harrison
  • William Monroe Trotter
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Amy Ashwood Garvey
  • Amy Jacques Garvey
  • Angela Davis
  • Assata Shakur
  • Horace Man Bond
  • Audley Moore (Queen Mother Moore)
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe
  • St. Clair Drake
  • John H. Clarke
  • Joseph Harris
  • Carter G. Woodson
  • Ida B. Wells
  • C.L.R. James
  • Aime Cesaire
  • Claudia Jones
  • George Padmore
  • Henry Sylvester Williams
  • George Jackson
  • Dr. Martin Luther King
  • Malcolm X
  • Honorable Elijah Muhammad
  • Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Ella Baker
  • Septima Clarke
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs
  • Harry Haywood
  • Miriam Makeba
  • Maurice Bishop
  • Duse Mohamad Ali
  • Noble Drew Ali
  • Ahmed Ben Bella
  • Amilcar Lopes Cabral
  • Aime Cesaire
  • Cheikh Anta Diop
  • Frantz Fanon
  • Anna Julia Cooper
  • Robert Williams
  • James Farmer
  • Cedric Robinson

Section VI. Teaching and Researching Methodologies (Focus on Undergraduate Research)

  • Syllabus Repository (For Appendix, African American History/Studies, African Diaspora History/Studies, Black Studies, Africana Studies, African Studies, Black Women Studies, Caribbean Studies, Black European Studies, Pan African Studies, Afro-Asian Studies etc.)
  • Teaching Black freedom struggles with Digital Humanities (Africana Subjects)
  • What is Africana Studies Research?
  • Creating and choosing a research topic with a thesis question
  • Creating a literature review in Africana Studies research
  • How to cite sources and write an annotated bibliography
  • How to write a research proposal in Africana Studies
  • Teaching with case studies—pedagogy, curriculum, and research
  • Library Science, Research and Databases in Africana Studies
  • Teaching with Maps in Africana Studies (emphasis on Joseph Harris’s map of the African Diaspora and updated maps on African/Descendant migrations, GIS, etc.,)
  • Teaching Africana Studies with film


Contact Info: 

Latif A. Tarik, Ph.D.

Elizabeth State University/History Program Coordinator

Project Coordinator/Reader Editor