Fijian Photogaphy Competition - COAST Art Prize 2021

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March 19, 2021
United Kingdom
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Anthropology, Area Studies, British History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies


The Centre of Austronesian Studies (COAST) at UCLan invites Fijian people within the UK to enter the COAST Art Prize 2021. A photography competition capturing the everyday life of the Fijian Diaspora within the UK and highlight the differences, either cultural, social, or enviromental with life in Fiji.

The prize is aimed at drawing awareness of the Fijian diaspora in the UK. It is free to enter for any Fijian National or person of Fijian descent residing within the UK. A prize for both the first place winner and any successfully exhibited entrants will be offered. We welcome submissions from all age brackets.


What to do: To enter, send in a photo capturing how your everyday life in UK in comparison to yours or your family’s life in Fiji. This could be cultural, societal, or even how the environment is different. Along with each photo, your submission should include a description or narrative behind the image (maximum of 500 words). Each entrant may have up to 5 submissions.


Top Tip: The Centre welcomes creativity. Winning submissions will be creative in their narrative, presentation or text while providing insight into the everyday lives of Fijians within the UK.


This Roundtable was organised in partnership with the charity, Communities Fiji Britain, as part of Fiji's 50th year of Independence. You can find out more here:

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