Alon: Journal for Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies

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Asian American History / Studies, Humanities, Race / Ethnic Studies, Social History / Studies, Southeast Asian History / Studies


The mission of ​Alon​ is to provide an on-line forum for publishing original essays, artwork, reviews, and moderated reflections that productively and critically engage with Filipinx American and Filipinx Diasporic Studies. Our founding home is the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies at the Department of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis. Our publisher is eScholarship, an open-access e-journal platform hosted by the University of California.


We invite submissions in the form of essays, artwork, and multiple forms of reflection. As our journal’s title indicates, we deploy ​Alon​ to signify the persistence of status and movement in the long and continuing histories of Filipinx migrations within and away from our homelands. It is our codeword for how we live and what we live in, who we are and what we do, and where we’ve been and where we’re going. ​Alon​ aims to bring together works that grapple with the ways that our identities are always in process, that our locations are always unsettled, and that our communities are always in states of transition, in ways that may be unstable, anxiety-provoking, or pleasurable.


We intend ​Alon​ to serve as an outlet for ground-breaking scholarship, artwork, and other means of expression that center the worldviews, epistemologies, and creative imaginings of Filipinx Americans and Filipinx diasporic subjects. Submission Guidelines:​ Non-simultaneous article submissions should be between 10,000-11,000 words in length and adhere to the most recent edition of the ​Chicago Manual of Style​ (CMS). Artwork of a variety of forms (e.g., videos, audiotapes, recorded performances, poetry) as well as reflection pieces may also be submitted for consideration. Further information can be found at: ​​ Queries may be sent to:​ or ​​.


Editors: Rick Bonus (Editor-in-Chief), Robyn Rodriguez and Nicholas Garcia (Managing Editors), Theodore S. Gonzalves (Art Editor), Antonio Tiongson, Jr. (Reviews Editor), Joseph Ruanto-Ramirez (Outreach/Reflections Editor), and Edward Nadurata (Editorial Assistant).

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