LJTS SocaLab 2020-2021: Linguistic Justice in Teaching Spanish: Bringing Spanish language to the forefront

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November 10, 2020 to April 10, 2021
California, United States
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Digital Humanities, Educational Technology, Graduate Studies, Humanities, Immigration & Migration History / Studies


The Multi-Campus Graduate Student Working group “Linguistic Justice in Teaching Spanish: Bringing Spanish language to the forefront”, in collaboration with the Spanish California Lab at the University of California Riverside and the University of California Humanities Research Institute, invites workshop proposal submissions from individual practitioners or teams for the 2020/21 academic year. This virtual workshop series will focus on topics related to linguistic social justice and the teaching of Spanish in the Southwest and California.

The goal of this workshop series is to foster a virtual community where we can explore new educational techniques, methodologies, and pedagogical approaches for the teaching of Spanish. Such topics include but are not limited to the following: bilingual education; language justice; equity, diversity, and inclusion; Critical Race Theory; the teaching of Spanish as a heritage language, a second language, or a foreign language; the teaching of Spanish to HS; Digital Humanities applied to pedagogy; among others. We plan to create a space where we can speak about experiences regarding racial injustices and form a plan of action to challenge racism within the teaching of the Spanish language across all grade levels. Many of us are considering ways to change and improve our stance in this world. From our perspective as academic practitioners and instructors of the Spanish language in institutions of education, we want to open a conversation about the impact, the methods, and the objectives of our service.

Through our awareness of the use and teaching of language, we can better understand why and where these ideologies of injustices surge and how we can challenge them. As we attempt to dismantle social inequalities from a language perspective, we must first see how racism is implicitly embedded in our everyday practices as students, researchers, and instructors (and how we’ve taken these for granted for so long). Essential to this awareness is having a space to converse about what we can do to adopt a more just curriculum. It is time for our ways of learning, conducting research, and teaching to change.

We particularly welcome proposals that address specific methodological, interdisciplinary, or theoretical concerns and that come from multidisciplinary teams of researchers and practitioners.

Submission Guidelines

Proposal submissions should be done via Easychair (link below). Submissions may be in English or Spanish as a single PDF file, containing the following sections:

  1. Name, affiliation (if any) and email address of each member of the workshop presentation.
  2. Title.
  3. Workshop Type: established/emerging.
  4. Abstract: 500 word summary of the workshop purpose.
  5. Topics: What topics of interest will be covered by the workshop? (Bulleted list)
  6. Motivation (up to 200 words): Why is the topic timely and of particular interest to participants?
  7. Workshop Format (up to 200 words): The intended mix of events, such as paper presentations, invited talks, panels, demos, and general discussion (Either a tabular schedule or a one-paragraph summary)
  8. Proposed Length: Workshops will be conducted via ZOOM or similar, with a length of an hour dedicated to the presentation of materials, followed by a 30 minute discussion.

Easychair submission link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ljtssocalab20202021

We welcome and encourage workshops with an innovative structure and a diverse program that attracts various types of contributions and ensures rich interactions.

All proposal will be double blind peer reviewed. After reviewing the workshop proposal, a final schedule will be published on the Spanish California Lab website (https://socalab.ucr.edu/workshops/ )

Deadline for proposals will be updated quarterly on Easychair. Deadline for Workshop proposals:

We will evaluate proposals on a quarterly basis:

November 10th, 2020 (PST- 12:00AM)

January 10th, 2021 (PST-12:00 AM)

Abril 10th, 2021 (PST- 12:00AM)


Contact Info: 

Program organizers Contact:

socalabworkshops@gmail.com Spanish California Lab (SocaLab) at the University of California Riverside.

Dr. Covadonga Lamar Prieto University of California, Riverside. Department of Hispanic Studies.

Álvaro González Alba University of California, Riverside. Department of Hispanic Studies.

Evelyn Gámez University of California, Davis. Department of Spanish & Portuguese.

Miriam Villazón Valbuena University of California, Riverside. Department of Hispanic Studies.

Lorraine Ramos University of California, Merced. Interdisciplinary Humanities.

Gemma Repiso-Puigdelliura University of California, Los Ángeles. Department of Spanish & Portuguese.