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We at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, MO are pleased to share that we will continue to offer virtual rare book sessions in 2021.  These sessions are open to courses of all levels, in collaboration with your own teaching and integrated into your learning outcomes for students.  We ask for a month's lead time so that we can work with you and give our full attention to planning a successful session with you.  That being said, there are some spots available for sessions in November-December, should you want to add a virtual visit to an ongoing Fall Semester course.


I am including some text at the end about the Library and our collections.  If you’re interested in collaborating on a rare book session, please visit this page (, or contact either me or Jason Dean at or .  The form on our website offers a suggested format, but we can be flexible depending on your class’ needs.








The Linda Hall Library holds over half a million monograph volumes and more than 48,000 journal titles related to science, technology, engineering, and their histories. The Library’s collections are exceptionally strong in the engineering disciplines, chemistry, and physics, but it also has impressive holdings in natural history, astronomy, environmental and earth sciences, aeronautics, life sciences, infrastructure studies, and mathematics. Furthermore, thanks to longstanding exchange partnerships dating to before the Cold War, the Library retains large amounts of material related to science in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.


The Library holds one of the best collections of rare printed science, technology, and engineering works in the world. For example, the Library holds 9 of every 10 works listed in Harrison Horblit’s One Hundred Books Famous in Science and Bern Dibner’s Heralds of Science. It also houses all issues of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, beginning in 1665, and the Acta Eruditorum, beginning in 1682.


Beyond monographs and serials, the Library collects reference works, conference proceedings, government publications, technical reports, and unpublished engineering society conference papers. It maintains a collection over 250,000 industrial standards, many of which are unavailable elsewhere in the United States. The Linda Hall Library also has a substantial collection of patent literature and is an officially sanctioned Patent and Trademark Resource Center.

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