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With my company production Do The Right Films Entertainment, I produce and distribute Award-winning educational documentaries (see our digital catalog) exposing injustices, illuminating the power of community, and chronicling seldom-told stories of diversity in contemporary Italy, especially the Black Italians Community. Blackness in Italy is currently under-reported and under-addressed in virtually all media and educational circles. 

The majority of people in Italy, as well as abroad, are unaware of the long history of the African diaspora on the Italian peninsula. There is a general assumption that black people are a relatively new presence in Italy and are thus viewed as historical and national outsiders. In this particular this Fall, more universities are committed to increasing and allocating additional financial resources to support in different ways diversity and racial justice initiatives Black Lives Matter in their academic courses, college events, and libraries catalog.

More than 200 higher institutions have used our films and talks to engage students in a conversation about Diversity, Race, and Globalization. We know that in order to address the needs of our societies and communities in the future, we will need a deep understanding of our global interconnectedness, and what happens in other countries.


As we move into a protracted period of social distancing, we understand educators' need to move their curricula into the digital sphere. Hopefully, soon real guest speaker events will be restored, but now, for Fall, Black History Month and Spring Semester, I will be available via zoom-skype for online classes and/or online college events with two different brand new multi-media 45' minutes lectures + Q&A:


  1. Black Lives Matter Italy and the Legacy of Italian Colonialism       SEE MORE INFO
  2. Black Italians and Digital Culture in Contemporary Italy                SEE MORE INFO



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