Call for Papers: Towards a Transdisciplinary Perspective on Covid-19 in Europe

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Call for Publications
November 9, 2020
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British History / Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies, European History / Studies, German History / Studies, Social Sciences

This special issue of the New Zealand Journal for Research on Europe aims to contribute to a transdisciplinary perspective on Covid-19 in Europe. A transdisciplinary approach—transgressing disciplinary boundaries by not viewing disciplines as independent, divided domains—has been successfully applied to the field of European studies before, for example in the study of Europe’s responses to terrorist attacks. It is increasingly encouraged in the study of sustainable global futures and “wicked problems” such as Covid-19. Almost a year into the pandemic, we hope that his special issue will provide critical and insightful perspectives on what was done and where we stand in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, and inform European and global moves going forward. Finally, it is our aim to demonstrate how global problems such as Covid-19 affect both Europe and other countries including New Zealand, and how knowledge sharing can help solve them.
Submissions may take the form of full research articles or essays, review articles, commentaries, or research notes.

Please send your article proposal (a title and an abstract of 300 words max) by 9 November 2020.
Abstract selection will be communicated by 23 November 2020; once selected, full articles should be submitted by 15 February 2021.
The special issue will be published by the end of 2021.

Please refer to the submission instructions and the style guide on our website.

We would like to encourage contributions from scholars who might qualify for our NZ$500 prize for the best article published in NZJRE by an emerging scholar or postgraduate student.