Call for Papers and Contributions JDSP Issue 13.2 Somatics and Eco-Consciousness

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Call for Papers
January 20, 2021
United Kingdom
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Call for Papers and Contributions

 Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

Issue 13.2 Somatics and Eco-Consciousness

Special Editors: Thomas Kampe, Katja Münker and Jamie McHugh

Deadline for full articles: 20th January 2021

Somatics and Eco-Consciousness

This special issue of JDSP calls for papers and alternative contributions that explore the possibilities and impact of somatic practices in the evolution of an embodied eco-consciousness. Somatic practices are traditionally concerned with heightening sensorial introspection. Such foregrounding can unwittingly exclude and yet paradoxically invoke an awareness of the reciprocity between self and environment.

How do we move beyond humanist perspectives of the somatic self into a re-visioning of our entanglement, interdependence and resonance within an increasingly endangered natural world? Can somatic practices and dance offer new modes of thinking, perceiving and being-with, necessary for an embodied planetary citizenship and stewardship? How can the organismic introspection and heightened perceptual awareness, fostered through diverse somatic approaches, support the development of an eco-consciousness within education, therapy and the arts? How can we articulate eco-somatic practices and ethics as acts of care, resistance, reconnection and regeneration? How can somatically informed      arts practices offer timely communal forms of expression, immersion and activism in a world           facing ecological catastrophe?  How does such catastrophe influence, disturb, radicalise and politicise our practices?    

Submissions might respond to:

-  Reflections on emerging forms of eco-somatic practices including artistic processes involving urban and natural environments or inter-species relationships 

-The articulation of ecological ethics within historical and emerging somatic practices, including practices of non-western heritage

- Cross-disciplinary dialogues between contemporary critical and non-dualist theory and somatic practices in the context of eco-consciousness

- Notions of re-embodiment and re-enchantment in the human relationship to the environment such as Rewilding and other practices

- Somatics and somatic-arts practices as forms of eco-activism in response to environmental crises

- The application of Somatics and somatic-informed aesthetic practices as part of environmental education in public education or social fields


The editors are inviting somatic practitioners, artists, pedagogues and academics for contributions that reflect the breadth and depth of inquiry into somatic practices and eco-consciousness. Submissions can range from traditional academic discursive articles, case studies, provocations and critical practice reflections, to practice-based submissions. The call is open to considering multi-modal submissions of poetic, aural or visual recorded or participatory expressions, however authors must contact before proceeding with submissions of this nature. (Please note that recorded practice-based expressions need to be accompanied by a 300-500 word contextual piece of writing).

The publication of JDSP 13.2 in 2021 will inform an event that will continue the tradition of the Dance and Somatic Practices conferences held at Coventry University, offering a forum for debate on the same topic.

Please include article title, abstract (200 words), keywords and full article (between 4000 - 6000 words excluding references). In another document, please include author’s name and affiliation, biography (200 words), and email address. Please submit in Word format. All text in the same font (such as Arial) pt.12 and Harvard Referencing.


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