Miniatures – new history podcast & live episode at Being Human Festival 2020

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November 18, 2020
United Kingdom
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Public History, Oral History, Modern European History / Studies, Humanities, Contemporary History

Miniatures – new podcast on everyday life history from St Andrews


What can we learn from a headstrong donkey determined to deposit its rider into a large ditch, a First World War soldier refusing his corporal’s order to fetch coffee for the company, or a long dead scribe’s doodle of a labyrinth on a clay tablet? Miniatures answers these and other questions, demonstrating that the big picture in history is best seen through the assemblage of individual and local stories, or ‘miniatures’. Join us to learn what is missed when we paint history with a broader brush.


New episodes every Wednesday in October. See:


Read about the episodes and themes covered in season 1 here:


Live at Being Human! Join us on 18 November (17:00-18:30) for a live episode of Miniatures as part of the Being Human festival 2020. Come along to hear some of our favourite stories about the past and to share your own ‘miniatures’. Tickets for the (virtual) event are free:  

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Dr Huw Halstead (University of St Andrews)

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