110th Kyujanggak Colloquium

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October 16, 2020
Korea South
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Asian American History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Korean History / Studies

The International Center for Korean Studies, Kyujanggak, Seoul Nat'l University is having the 110th Colloquium. Prof. Seong Uk Kim (Columbia University), who is currently Kyujanggak Fellow, will talk about Gwan-eum Divination during the Late Choson Dynasty. The Colloquium will be on October 16th, 10AM (Seoul). If you would like to join, please register at https://forms.gle/wzR3izQvGfaNr6Ln6. Please write your full name and affiliation correctly on the Google Form. We will send you the details you need to log in one day in advance. Thanks in advance!

Speaker: Prof. Seong Uk Kim (Columbia University)

Title: Gwan-eum Divination: An Intersection between Buddhism and Confucianism during the Late Chosŏn Dynasty

The lecture will be delivered in Korean.

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