Just Code: Power, Inequality, and the Global Political Economy of IT (Online Symposium; free, reg. req. to attend)

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October 23, 2020 to October 24, 2020
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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Human Rights, Social History / Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology

The Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) for Computing, Information, and Culture's online symposium "Just Code: Power, Inequality, and the Global Political Economy of IT" examines how code—construed broadly from AI, software, and systems to bodies of law, policy, and practice—structures and reinforces power relations.  Just Code will explore the ways that individuals and institutions use algorithms and computer systems to establish, legitimize, and reinforce widespread social, material, commercial, and cultural inequalities and power imbalances.  Just Code's talented and diverse historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and communication and information science scholars will illuminate themes of IT and race, gender, labor, politics, and education across time, place, and culture.  From AI and biometrics in policing, labor control and contention in China, surveillance capitalism, and environmental racism to postcolonial IT control and resistance in India, IT and counterinsurgency in Brazil, code work in Mexico, and IT and disability, " The symposium registration is free, but required to attend. Please register now, registration will close prior to the event.

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Jeffrey Yost, Director, Charles Babbage Institute


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