Call for Papers, "New Russian Masculinities", special issue of Critical Studies in Men's Fashion, 2019

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Call for Papers
June 1, 2018
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Popular Culture Studies, Russian or Soviet History / Studies, Sexuality Studies, Sociology

Call for Papers


Special Issue of Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion

‘New Russian Masculinities’, 2019


Guest Editors:

Vicki Karaminas, Massey University, Wellington

Graham H. Roberts, Université Paris Nanterre

Abstracts due: 1 June 2018

Articles due (if accepted): 1 December 2018

Authors should submit manuscripts for review to Vicki Karaminas,, and Graham H. Roberts,

The focus of this special issue is post-socialist Russia, a country that now boasts one of the worlds most vibrant and creative fashion industries. It is also a place where masculinity is more politicised than ever before, as President Putin’s attempt to make hegemonic, heteronormative masculinity a central pillar of Russian national identity has become increasingly contested – both by fashion designers themselves, and by the men who wear what those designers produce. With this in mind, this special issue will look at the men’s fashion industry in today’s Russia, and the role that the industry itself and its consumers are playing in the articulation of a new set of masculinities (whether inside, or outside the country). All manuscripts will undergo a double blind peer review process. Articles will be selected on the basis of their content and scholarship. The content must be in line with the journal’s vision of advancing scholarship on men and appearance.

Contributions are welcome from any discipline, including (but not limited to) anthropology, art history, consumer studies, cultural studies, ethnic studies, fashion studies, film studies, gender studies, humanities, marketing, psychology, queer studies, sociology and textiles.  Diverse methods including critical perspectives, qualitative, narrative, sociological, ethnographic, netnographic, arts methodology and alternative forms of knowledge construction are encouraged.

Authors are invited to submit papers that examine the following topics (this list is not exhaustive):

  • The representation of masculinity in contemporary Russian men’s fashion photography, video or other digital media;
  • The cultural and historical contexts of such representation;
  • Men’s clothing design and the ‘queering’ of masculinity;
  • Costume and the performance of masculinity in such areas as pop music, theatre or film;
  • The role of men’s fashion in the construction of ethnic, sexual or other forms of subculture in today’s Russia;
  • Gay men and fashion in today’s Russia;
  • Russian men’s fashion magazines and the construction of masculinity;
  • Brands, branding and brand image in the Russian men’s fashion industry;
  • The use of sports personalities in Russian men’s fashion advertising;
  • Consumer behaviour in the Russian men’s fashion industry;
  • Russian consumers’ responses to men’s fashion advertising; 
  • Men’s fashion and the politics of style;
  • Russian male models’ performance of masculinity;
  • Russian men’s fashion and body image;
  • Runway shows and the mise-en-scène of masculinity;
  • The marketing strategies of men’s high street fashion retailers in today’s Russia.

All submissions must follow Intellect’s house style: Manuscripts should be maximum 7,000 words and use British spelling. It is the author’s responsibility to clear the usage rights for all images to be published in the manuscript.



Contact Info: 

Graham H. Roberts, Univ. Paris Nanterre, France