Ahimsa-The Foundation of Cosmic Compassion

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October 2, 2020 to October 4, 2020
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Ahiṁsā is the heart of the Mahātmā Gāṅdhī’s Darśna. Gāṅdhī’s teachings as a way of life advocate that ‘Truth is God’ and non-violence is the only means of attaining it. For Mahātamā Gāṅdhī realization of ‘Truth’ is the final quest and the concluding destination. Categorically, Mahātmā Gāṅdhī’s idea of Ahiṁsā is in itself a complete and wholesome philosophy which takes into account Satya, Dharma, Satyāgraha and a whole gamut of other thoughts, concepts, and practices. Mahātamā Gāṅdhī saw Ahiṁsā as the very cosmic order and it is by being established in it that one can find meaning and worth in life. Ahiṁsā is not only individualistic but can be realized at a cosmic level. It is not limited to merely the human race but extends to all the beings of the world and so it is an all-enveloping concept. Therefore, for a compassionate, harmonious, equitable world that is rooted in Divinity/Truth, Ahiṁsā becomes the only path possible.

On the occasion of 'Gāṅdhī’ Jayantī' and the 'International Day of Ahiṁsā', The Association of Indian Philosophers International brings before you a platform to understand, discuss, propound and contemplate upon 'Ahiṁsā' which was Mahātma Gāṅdhī’s path to universal compassion, peace and harmony.

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