CFP: Providing Engaging, Inclusive, and Equitable Instruction: A Special E-Publication of Thought Pieces

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2021 to March 31, 2021
Georgia, United States
Subject Fields: 
Digital Humanities, Educational Technology, History Education, Teaching and Learning

Teaching Matters Conference:  19th Annual Interdisciplinary Higher Ed Conference
Providing Engaging, Inclusive, and Equitable Instruction A Special E-Publication of Thought Pieces

About the Conference
Because of COVID, we are cancelling our face-to-face conference originally scheduled for March 11 and 12; however, we are not letting that stop us from talking about how much teaching matters! So please “join us” for the nineteenth annual Teaching Matters, which we will mark by creating a Teaching Matters Conference Special Edition e-Book in honor of this year’s conference topic. The Gordon State College Presidential Commission on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity will be invited to act as this year’s Selection Board, and a virtual conference Kick Off session will be released to announce the publication of this special e-Book (more information forthcoming).

About this year's theme
At no other time in the history of Higher Education has engaging, inclusive, equitable education been such an important topic. In spring, we all made the pivot to remote instruction, a shift for which many of us were unprepared. Higher Ed’s unpreparedness with regard to online learning was not the only issue exposed by COVID, however. Also exposed were vast equity gaps that affected our students from low-income families and, especially, underserved groups. All our students were and still are socially distanced, anxious about learning online, and experiencing various levels of trauma; in addition, many were and still are marginalized, experiencing basic needs insecurity, and more likely to contract and die from COVID 19. Indicators suggest that a significant number are even disillusioned and now question the efficacy of a higher education degree. As a result of what many refer to as our multiple pandemics, educators are being asked to be more deliberate and intentional than ever. This special publication of Thought Pieces seeks to showcase the ways in which faculty are meeting that call. Now, more than ever, teaching matters.

Potential topics could include but are not limited to the following:
 Anti-Racist and Inclusive Practices
 Infusing Equity into Our Courses
 Emotional Intelligence
 Talking about Implicit Bias in the Classroom
 Classroom Microaggression is Aggression
 Supporting Hybrid and Online Students
 Mobilizing Campus Resources
 Pedagogy of Care
 Trauma-Informed Pedagogy
 Stress and Learning

All submissions must be received by January 31, 2021, at which time they will undergo a blind review process; accepted essays must be print ready by March 31, 2021. A virtual conference Kick Off session will signal release of the e-publication. See below for specific submission instructions.

Direct any questions to the Conference Coordinator:  Dr. Anna Higgins-Harrell at or at (678) 359-5095.

2021 Teaching Matters e-Book Submission Instructions

The purpose of the 2021 Teaching Matters Conference e-Book: Providing Engaging, Inclusive, and Equitable Instruction is to carry on the tradition of our conference in the midst of the ongoing pandemic and to allow academics to share thoughts about the conference theme.

Each submission should include the following:
1. Title
2. Author’s name, title, and institution
3. “Thought Piece” that shares the writer’s informed view on a topic intimately connected to the conference theme
4. Submissions should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words and should use APA style format
5. Submissions should include in-text citations for quoted material and a bibliography
6. Submissions should be submitted as Word Document (.doc or .docx)

Contact Info: 

Dr. Anna Higgins-Harrell at or at (678) 359-5095