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September 1, 2020
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British History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, European History / Studies, Political History / Studies

The British history seminar In Search of Britain will start its 4th season on September 23 with an intervention from Sarah Pickard (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3). The title of her talk is : “The political repression and criminalisation of youth-led protest in contemporary Britain”.

The seminar adapts to the current situation and all sessions in the Fall will be virtual. The seminar starts at 5pm and ends at 6:30pm (Paris, France, time). If you wish to attend the virtual sessions, please contact both organisers and you will be sent a zoom link to the online webinar: Marie Ruiz: and Mélanie Torrent:

The complete programme and abstracts for the 2020-21 season are available on the seminar website:

Here is the list of sessions:
Sarah Pickard (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3) - 23 September 2020 (virtual session)
The political repression and criminalisation of youth-led protest in contemporary Britain

Emmanuel Roudaut (Sciences Po Lille) - 14 October 2020 (virtual session)
From hounded "evil men" to LGBTI campaigns for equal rights. Changing attitudes to same-sex relationships in Britain since the 1950s: a tentative assessment.

Rob Skinner (University of Bristol) - 18 November 2020 (virtual session)
‘Nationalism, the Bomb and ‘moral jiu-jitsu’: British anti-colonial networks, global peace movements and decolonization in Africa, 1959-62

Yasmin Khan (University of Oxford) - 2 December 2020 (virtual session)
Genealogy, family history and the decolonization of British India

Stéphanie Prévost (Université de Paris) - 20 January 2021 (La Citadelle d’Amiens)
Le secours britannique au moment des massacres hamidiens : vers une reconceptualisation de l'aide humanitaire ? 1895-1898

Philippa Levine (University of Texas at Austin) - 24 March 2021 (La Citadelle d’Amiens)
How To Recognise A Slave: Aesthetics and the Body in the Age of Enslavement

Hilary McEwan (Archivist, Commonwealth Secretariat) - 26 May 2021 (La Citadelle d’Amiens)
From empire to Commonwealth: The Commonwealth Secretariat Headquarters and Archives

Marie Ruiz & Mélanie Torrent

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