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Call for Papers
November 1, 2020
United States
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African History / Studies, Area Studies, World History / Studies, Humanities, Intellectual History

This announcement is a call for additional papers for a proposed book: Fighting for the Empire: African Mobilization in the First and Second World Wars.

The twentieth century witnessed two major global conflicts-the First and Second World Wars. This book seeks to recount the extraordinary and often neglected story of Africa peoples who were drawn into the First and Second World Wars, the enormous demands made on their resources, and how the war transformed their lives and their societies. Contributors are welcome to submit papers on topics that are informed and situated within multiple contextual and theoretical frames – colonialism, race, gender, identity, labor, children’s experiences, intellectual, and social history. Topics that focus on different regions, especially southern, eastern, and northern Africa, and colonial contexts, cooperation among imperials powers, the role of African soldiers and civilians, including women and children are welcome. Please contact Chima J. Korieh, at no later than 1 October 2020.


We are happy to announce the publication of  IGBO STUDIES REVIEW, Number 8, 2020


Table of Contents


Rethinking the Igbo-Ukwu Chronology Riddle:

Radiocarbon Dating and Historical Fuzzy Math

Raphael Chijioke Njoku                                                                                            1


The Emerging Trend of Black African Zionism: The Facts and

Myths of Claims of Jewish Origins by the Igbo of Nigeria

Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe                                                                                    18


Ikenga: Reimagining an Iconography of Cultural Achievement

Chijioke Azuawusiefe                                                                                                38


The Psycho-Spiritual Journey of an Igbo Androgyny: Efuru’s  

Quest for Her Higher  Self in Efuru, Flora Nwapa’s

Eponymous Novel

Ada Uzoamaka Azodo                                                                                              58


Ritual as a Tool of Conflict Resolution in Igboland

Cletus O. Obasi                                                                                                         88


The Urban-Rural Conflict in African Literature: An Examination

 of Selected Works by Igbo Authors

John Sherman                                                                                                            104                         


Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:16-17): Paradigm for Relationship in

Contemporary Family Life

Caroline N. Mbonu and Felicia A. Orih                                                            123


Local Nigerian Medicinal Plants: Identifying, Purifying, and

Producing Drugs for the Treatment and Cure of Human Diseases

Emma Onua                                                                                                              135


Igbo Language in Communication

Helen C. Echebima                                                                                                   150


Omumu na Omenala Ezi na Uno ndi Igbo

Biko Agozino                                                                                                              165




Payback and Other Stories: An Anthology of African and African Diaspora

Short Stories. Tomi Adeaga, Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner, eds.

Vienna: Vienna African Languages and Literatures (VALL) Series,

Number 1, 2018.

Ada Uzoamaka Azodo                                                                                             177


Igbo Jurisprudence: An African Philosophy of Law. By Nkuzi Micheal

Nnam. Glassboro, NJ: Goldline and Jacobs Publishing, 2020

Nneka Onu                                                                                                                 179


West African Masking Traditions and Diaspora Masquerade

Carnivals: History, Memory, and Transnationalism.

By Raphael Chijioke Njoku. Rochester, NY: University

of Rochester Press, 2020

Chima J. Korieh                                                                                     181                                       


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Chima J. Korieh

Marquette University