Migration Studies Workshop

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August 30, 2020
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Graduate Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Race Studies, Social Sciences

This session will explore and discuss some of the most topical, significant and problematic aspects of migration and integration and will particularly focus on human rights, the governance of migration as well as migration in relation to gender and violence. We will examine historical, legal and cultural aspects of migration and provide participants with tools to analyse the challenges arising from this phenomenon.

The workshop is designed for students, young scholars and independent researchers with a particular interest related to migration studies, international studies, multiculturalism, law, gender  and religious studies. It is designed and led by Dr Gianluca Sardi.

All the registered participants who will attend the workshop will receive certificates.

In order to book a place, please fill in the Booking Form and send it to workshops@lcir.co.uk by 20 August 2020. After you receive a confirmation of booking, please register on http://registration.lcir.co.uk.

Registration fee is 45 GBP

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