Webinar: China and the Maritime Silkroad: Shipwrecks, ports and products, 21-23 August

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The Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore is holding an international webinar. It brings together leading international scholars, curators, and archaeologists to discuss the most up-to-date research and findings about China and the Maritime Silk Road.

In each of the sessions, the speakers will give brief presentations on their research followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session with the audience. 

*Sessions have been scheduled to accommodate the time zones of the speakers. We ask for your understanding in this regard. All times are Singapore Standard Time (GMT +8).

Friday 21 August 7.30pmFloating Cosmopolitanism: Conceptualising Indian Ocean Interactions beyond Silk: Join ACM Senior Curator Stephen Murphy in conversation with Dr Tansen Sen, Professor of History and the Director of the Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai, and Global Network Professor at New York University, as they discuss the topic of “Floating Cosmopolitanism: Conceptualising Indian Ocean Interactions beyond Silk”

Saturday 22 August, 9.30am-12 noon: PANEL 1: PORTS AND MARITIME TRADE ROUTES: This panel will present papers on the nature of the ports and maritime trade routes along the maritime silk road.

Saturday 22 August, 7.30-10pm: PANEL 2: SHIPWRECKS AND ARCHAEOLOGY: This panel will present papers on some of the most significant maritime archaeological discoveries from the past two to three decades.

Sunday 23 August, 9.30am-12 noon: PANEL 3: CARGOES AND COMMODITIES: This panel discusses the cargos and commodities that circulated along the Maritime Silk Road

Sunday 23 August, 7.30-10pm: PANEL 4: CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT IN ASIAN ARCHAEOLOGY: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES: This panel will discuss the latest issues, challenges, and opportunities regarding the development and capacity building of heritage professionals – specifically in the field of archaeology – in an Asian context.





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