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American History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Political Science, African American History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations


America Unfiltered is a joint project of University College Dublin's Clinton Institute and EA Worldview.


The need for critical thinking about the US is greater than ever today as it struggles with forces of division and disruption within and loses primacy abroad.


American Unfiltered brings together academic and journalistic expertise to provide informed insights on the US. We endorse the democratic value of thinking aloud and promoting critical conversations in a time of populist politics and algorithm-led news.


We do not consider the US as an exceptional nation but as part of a global community. Our analyses will cover both domestic and international aspects of American politics, foreign policy, media and culture. 


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J. Jesse Ramirez (University of St Gallen), “Where are the Pandemic Robots?”

Through commentary, podcasts and videocasts, America Unfiltered is creating a space for a new community of discourse and dialogue. Please join us.


Contribute to America Unfiltered– we are interested in publishing well-reasoned pieces in the fields of American politics, foreign policy, media and culture. These may be original writings or abstracted from scholarly publications. Articles should be approx. 1,000 words, written in a clear and concise style suitable for a broad readership. The AU editorial team will be happy to discuss ideas for pieces and to provide guidelines on publication. Contact Liam Kennedy:


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