The 109th Kyujanggak Colloquium: Sungyun Lim

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August 10, 2020
Korea South
Subject Fields: 
Asian American History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Korean History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies

Topic: Burial Mountains for Sale: Disputes over Lineage Property in Colonial Korea

Presenter: Sungyun Lim (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Time: August 10 (Monday), 2020  10AM

Venue: Auditorium at the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies
         Online participation is also available via Zoom Conference

The presentation will be in Korean. 
Pre-registration is required for participation:

For pre-registration and more information, please contact the International Center for Korean Studies (Email:  Tel.+82-2-880-9378)

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