Re-imaging Resilient Food Landscapes: Perspectives from Planning History

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Call for Publications
September 14, 2020
Florida, United States
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Urban History / Studies, Urban Design and Planning, Rural History / Studies, Architecture and Architectural History

Call for Book Chapters
We are looking for contributions to the volume Re-imaging Resilient Food Landscapes - Perspectives from Planning History, to be published by Springer in 2021. The book will be edited by Carla Brisotto, University of Florida and Fabiano Lemes de Oliveira, Politecnico di Milano.
The book explores how lessons from past urban planning experiences can inform current debates on urban agriculture. The focus is on planning ideas, either implemented or not, and the roles of key individual architects and planners who considered the relationships between urban areas and the countryside, and agricultural strategies for the city during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Today, productive urban landscapes have been posited as instruments for the positive transformation of the agricultural sector and to approach territorial fragility while promoting social cohesion, food security, and wider environmental and economic benefits. However, what is seen as a novelty practice is a revamp of a historical interest that spans two centuries of architectural and urban investigations. Major planners and architects of the past approached the question of the relationships between the city and the countryside, as well as the design of urban agriculture within their vision for new cities or systems of cities. The book intends to bring to light lessons from the past that can help practitioners, students, researchers, city administrators, and food no-profits to reimagine urban-rural relationships, intra-urban productive landscapes, and urban agricultural systems today.
The book will have two main central themes. Authors are requested to adhere to at least one of them in their contributions:
Theme 1. The relationship between the city and the countryside.
The question of the relationship between the city and the countryside is a fundamental aspect of the development of planning as a discipline. Today the very differentiation between these two dimensions of regional planning have been questioned, in particular in peri-urban areas and in-between conditions. Although often seen historically as contrasting opposites, many planners attempted to overcome this dichotomy. Authors should investigate how these visions reinforced or challenged the paradigm of urban as the antithesis of rural. Arguments could explore notions of, but not limited to, differentiation and contrast, blending, dissolution, integration, and/or particular edge conditions of the dichotomy urban and rural.
Theme 2. Productive landscapes within the city
Authors are asked to present how the question of productive landscapes within city is present in the thinking of the planner under study, as well as how such ideas manifested themselves in one or more of their plans. Arguments could focus, for instance, on their roles, functions, and structures of such landscapes; their different scales; temporary use in case of emergency; their relationship with other land uses; the cultural implication of food production; etc.

Please submit an abstract of 300 words by September 14, 2020. The first full chapter submission (8,000 words) is due in January 2021. Chapters will undergo a peer-review process, with final submissions due in April 2021.

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Carla Brisotto, Florida Institute for the Built Environment Resilience, University of Florida,
Fabiano Lemes de Oliveira, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Politecnico di Milano,

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