Seeking Panel Participants at the International Convention of Asian Scholar (ICAS 12)

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July 15, 2020 to September 30, 2020
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Asian History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Political Science, Social Sciences, Sociology

Dear All,

I`m a doctoral student at Hiroshima University, Japan. I`m seeking some participants for the International Convention of Asian Scholars held in Kyoto in August 2021. The main theme of the session is on deliberating and tackling the environmental crisis with a particular focus on the environmental civil society / community advocacy, engagement, and mobilization in Asia. We will have a scholarly debate on nuclear energy, waste management, climate change, and such. 

Please see the info below:

Environmental Dynamics of Collective Actions in Asia

There has been a wide range of environmental problems recently. Climate change, air pollution, water contamination, waste disposal, together with land and food issues, have become a worrying reality. These problems have become more visible than ever due to rapid industrialization and development, as well as population growth consequently. On the one hand, civil society actors, community members, government-led and non-governmental organizations and associations, as well as individuals, have been tackling several socio-environmental problems by taking actions in order to facilitate and improve the process – e.g. addressing the detrimental aspect of the problems, developing problem-solving approaches and innovation capacities, raising awareness, and more... In this panel, we will discuss these crucial environmental issues and also civil society approaches to identify, prevent, and mitigate the negative impacts of those issues.

The panel themes are environmentalism, civil society, community participation, Asia.

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