The Palgrave Handbook on the Catholic Church in East Asia: China, Korea, and Japan

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July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024
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Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Humanities, Religious Studies and Theology
The Palgrave Handbook on the Catholic Church in East Asia: China, Korea, and Japan, Editors: Cindy Yik-yi Chu (Hong Kong Baptist University),Beatrice Leung (Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Kaohsiung), and Wu Xiaoxin (Ricci Institute, University of San Francisco)
This three-volume Handbook provides information on the Catholic Church in East Asia—China mainland, Mongolia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan—from its beginnings to the present. It aims to offer sufficient material and analysis for the study and research of the East Asian Catholic Church. It follows a chronological framework tracing events from the 7th century to the 21st century. 


The editors are seeking authors for the three-volume Handbook. There will be 40 chapters, each of which is about 30 pages and 16,500 words.  If you are interested, please contact Cindy Yik-yi Chu at

TABLE OF CONTENTS (tentative only, not necessary to be finalized)

Vol. 1: China;  Vol. 2: Korea; and Vol. 3: Japan, each containing the following chapters

Chapter 1: Evangelization and Indigenous Communities, 7th Century to 16th Century

Chapter 2: Evangelization, Religious Formation, Indigenous Communities, Late 16th Century to the 18th Century

Chapter 3: Foreign Missionaries, 19th Century 

Chapter 4: Foreign Missionaries, 1900-1945

Chapter 5: Foreign Missionaries and the Building of the Local Church Hierarchy, 1945 to the Present

Chapter 6: Women in the Church: Local and Foreign, and Gender Relations

Chapter 7: Church Architecture and Church Buildings

Chapter 8: Evangelization through Education, from Simple Schooling to Universities

Chapter 9: Bible and Religious Literature Translation, and Indigenous Religious Texts

Chapter 10: Evangelization through Music and Religious Hymns

Chapter 11: Evangelization through Paintings and Sculptures (Images)

Chapter 12: Colonialism, Imperialism and Relations with Local Powers

Chapter 13 Persecution and Martyrdoms



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