Virtual Workshop: Rethinking How We Teach International Relations

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July 21, 2020
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Political Science, Race / Ethnic Studies, Social Sciences, World History / Studies, American History / Studies

Join Bridging the Gap for a conversation about race as a central issue in international relations teaching and scholarship.

How can IR scholars incorporate race into their teaching and scholarship? How has the discipline marginalized race-centered views of global affairs? Join Anjali Dayal, Kim Yi Dionne, Meg Guliford, Meredith Loken, Paul Poast, Robbie Shilliam, and Jim Goldgeier for a virtual discussion of these important questions.

You are invited to read Kelly Zvobgo and Meredith Loken's Foreign Policy piece, "Why Race Matters in International Relations" as a starting point for this discussion. (

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Kathryn Urban, Program Specialist, Bridging the Gap