Call for Chapters — The Stories We Tell: Myths, Legends, and Anecdotes about Tea

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Call for Papers
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Humanities, Social Sciences, Asian History / Studies, World History / Studies, Public Health

The Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science (GTI) seeks chapter proposals for a peer-reviewed anthology, The Stories We Tell: Myths, Legends, and Anecdotes about Tea.  Papers may also be considered for conference participation in GTI's annual colloquium of the same title (set to be held at the UC Davis Conference Center, Thursday, January 21, 2021.)

We welcome proposals that take any approach from the humanities and social sciences, to the sciences and health, to business and farming, and from anywhere in the world. All must address the theme: The Stories We Tell: Myths, Legends, and Anecdotes about Tea.

We aim for a mix of papers on culture and science (broadly conceived), which together will present a representative global perspective. Whether papers address such topics as production, connoisseurship, health benefits, social practice, or the narratives that lead to successful marketing and connections with consumers, academic and industry experts are invited to share their expertise in these chapters.

The drafted chapters should be in the 5000-10,000 word range. 

Submission Deadline for Chapter Proposals (and also presentation proposals):  August 1, 2020.

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