CAHSA Online Speaker Series: “The Etiquette of Dreaming: Night Visions and Discernment in Seventeenth Century Spirituality”

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June 11, 2020
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Dear colleagues,

As part of its new online lecture series, the Collectif d’Anthropologie et d’Histoire du Spirituel et des Affects (CAHSA) is pleased to present a talk by Dr. Leslie Tuttle, Associate Professor of History (Louisiana State University, Bâton-Rouge). Her current research focuses on the changing perceptions of dreams in seventeenth and eighteenth-century France and the French diaspora.
The talk (in English) will last 30-40 minutes, followed by 20-30 minutes for discussion (in French and English).


CAHSA Online Speaker Series


Dr. Leslie Tuttle
Louisiana State University
11 June 2020 
11h CT

(9h PT/ 10h MT / 12h ET / 18h CET)

Via Zoom
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“The Etiquette of Dreaming: Night Visions and Discernment in Seventeenth Century Spirituality”

Most cultures throughout history have accepted dreams as a potential way to communicate with invisible or supernatural realms. As heirs to multiple methods for interpreting dreams drawn from both learned and popular sources, early modern Europeans fit this global pattern. However, in the wake of the Reformations, talking about one’s dreams fell under renewed scrutiny. This presentation will sample seventeenth-century religious texts including penitentials, spiritual manuals, hagiography and the Jesuit Relations to trace changing protocols governing when it was acceptable to relate a dream, to whom, and for what purpose.

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