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Call for Volunteers
June 1, 2020 to June 1, 2022
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Ancient History, Contemporary History, Early Modern History and Period Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies


Studia Historyczne (Studies in History/Historical Studies) is a Polish historical quarterly published since 1957.

The journal was initiated during the post-Stalinist thaw by a group of historians from Kraków. It was published by the Polish Academy of Sciences and ranked among three/four best Polish historical journals.

The end of communism resulted in opening of publication market to many new initiatives, while not all old ones changed fast and deeply to maintain their position among scholarly publications. Among others exposure to various contemporary requirements such as peer reviewing, open access, indexing and alike were hard to achieve for traditionally inclined editors and authors.

In 2012 the author of these words, Jakub Basista of Jagiellonian University in Kraków, was given the task of editing the journal. Among the immediate changes the following were introduced:

An international Advisory Board was called to life;

Each article received a double blind peer review (in affect 30% of articles were rejected);

Each article carried key words in Polish and English;

Each article had an abstract in English;

English was added as the second language of publication;

Several database sites were approached to index articles and some even carried full content.


Regardless of these changes and positive reception among numerous scholars, regardless of over 20% of articles being published in English, the publisher (PAN –Polish Academy of Sciences) decided to close the journal after 60 years of existence. It is a long and not fascinating story.....


The editor managed to find a new publisher and Studia Historyczne are now published by Księgarnia Akademicka – a private publisher of academic books in Kraków.

The journal is – for the time being – published only online, yet with all attributed of a professional, scholarly publication. It is trying to make up for the lost time and we are currently working on the publication of last volume for 2018, four for 2019 and hope to reach 2020 in the near future.





Studia Historyczne, a Polish historical journal publishing a Polish and English, is looking for peer reviewers. We cover all areas of history, although Polish history is the most popular among our authors. As a peer reviewer you will be asked to provide blind reviews of submitted articles. Workload tends to be relatively easy due to diversity of articles and the majority being submitted in Polish. Regretfully we cannot offer remuneration for your work, but a list of reviewers is published every year. The editor can also supply individual confirmation of submitted reviews should there be such need from your home university or institute.


Please send your details, with a one page cv to Jakub Basista at:


You can find the journal at this address:

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