Call for Papers: Goethe Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Dallas Goethe Center

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August 15, 2020
Texas, United States
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Economic History / Studies, German History / Studies, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science

Call for Papers: Goethe Symposium Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Dallas Goethe Center

Date of Symposium: April 17-18, 2021

Place: University of Dallas in Irving, TX (USA)


As a part of the yearlong celebrations marking its 55th anniversary the Dallas Goethe Center is soliciting papers for its Goethe symposium in April 2021.  The symposium will consist of multiple thematically grouped panels to take place over the course of a two-day conference at the University of Dallas (Irving, TX – USA).  Just as with our previous symposium, the Dallas Goethe Center plans to publish the proceedings of the conference (see Jacob-Ivan Eidt and Christoph Weber, Eds.  Goethe’s Bildung: Dialog Between Tradition and Innovation. Peter Lang: New York, 2019). 

The symposium intents to explore Goethe’s relevance for today’s socio-political developments, both in Germany as well as the United States, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Media studies
    • “Dichtung und Wahrheit” What would Goethe say about fake news? 
    • Goethe’s perspective on information dissemination in today’s age. 
  • Health and Medicine
    • Goethe’s take on health, mortality, and disease – and his own personal health.
    • Health and Medicine during the age of Goethe, and what we can learn from this for Covid 19. 
    • Government Minister Goethe and his perspective on public/government responses to health crises.
  • Humanities
    • Bildung and the Bildungsroman in today’s age. 
    • Observations of a “Minister without Portefeulle”: Language of leaders and how it has changed over time
    • Goethe in Art and Music
  • Natural Sciences
    • Goethe and science:  color theory, geology, mineralogy, botany, optics, etc.
    • Goethe and Modernity: How Goethe would view emerging technologies (Industrial Revolution then vs. AI today).
    • How Goethe reconciled his scientific search for truth with his search for truth in poetry. 
  • History
    • What can we learn from the Fall of the Weimar Republic for today’s political developments?
    • Goethe’s views on the French Revolution and how they matter today.
  • Political Science
    • Goethe in imperial Germany, during WWI, WW II, BRD, GDR, and post-unification.
    • Goethe’s relationship with Napoleon, and how he might view populist movements today. 
    • Role of Goethe for the Jewish Community after WWII. 
  • Economics
    • Italian Journey: How Goethe would view today’s migration to Europe and the related political upheaval.
    • Finance Minister Goethe and his views on monetary economics and trade. 
    • Global economic upheaval then and now: French Revolution vs. Covid 19. 


Presentations should be between 15-20 minutes each with the possibility of publishing a longer version of each paper.  

Please send a 250-400 word abstract outlining the talk/article and a short current CV to Prof. Dr. Jacob-Ivan Eidt, Associate Professor of German and Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Dallas, at and Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber, Associate Professor of German, University of North Texas, at deadline for the abstract is August 15, 2020. Accepted proposals should be completed and submitted in advance of the symposium by January 15, 2021.

For questions about the symposium, accommodations in the Dallas Fort Worth area, or about the Dallas Goethe Center please contact Beate Fehrenbach, Program Coordinator of the center:


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