"Urbanities - Journal of Urban Ethnography" Special issue on "CITY LIFE IN THE TIME OF PANDEMIC"

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Anthropology, Contemporary History, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Social History / Studies, Social Sciences

Summer Project in preparation of the Special Issue on City Life in the Time of Pandemic for the open-access journal Urbanities-Journal of Urban Ethnography

In a message of 26 March, published in the CUA Bulletin 2020, I reflected briefly on the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home policy is having on different people (depending on their job, or lack of it, their income, their housing situation, etc.). Several colleagues reacted to my piece sharing their views on their (direct and/or indirect) experience of the lockdown and pandemic-related initiatives in their country. Stimulated by these reactions, I decided to edit a Special Section for the journal Urbanities on “City Life in the Time of Pandemic”. This special collection will include short contributions in the form of analytic reflections on the many interrelated aspects and consequences of the stay-at-home policy. Some countries have announced that they will start easing their lockdown. However, we all know that the impact of the pandemic – and related policies – will stay with us for a long time to come. For further details, you can contact me at g.b.prato@kent.ac.uk

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