Participations: Volume 17, issue 1 out now!

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Communication, Journalism and Media Studies, Popular Culture Studies

Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies has just released its latest issue. This open-access journal features a series of new articles and a special section entitled "Twitter, social movements, and the logic of connective action: Activism in the 21st century"  

With an editorial introduction by Ernest Mathijs, Professor of Film at the University of British Columbia, this issue is once again filled with relevant and up-to-date insights into audience behaviors. The issue features five articles that present research on a variety of issues, from refugee audiences as media participants, to the adaptation of Marvel comics in Finland, streaming theater performances, the constitution of activist fan communities, and how the mental models approach can be used to understand narrative performance. 

The special section, co-edited by Judith Rosenbaum and Gwen Bouvier, unpacks what current forms of Twitter activism look like, how individuals use the platform to collaborate to engender change, and how Twitter activism can be both effective and problematic. The section features four articles that provide elaborate on several case studies where Twitter was used to advance a cause; from museum-based activism, to the #CripTheVote movement, to the networked volunteering that sprung up after the Sardininan floods, and #BlackLivesMatter.

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