CFP: Latin America’s Ongoing Revolutions

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Call for Papers
May 20, 2020 to July 30, 2020
United States
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Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies

Series editor: Javier Puente, Smith College

Latin America has been born and bred in revolutionary terms. A first wave of unrest (1780-1898) spurred nation making throughout the hemisphere, fostering differentiated notions of citizenship and other exclusionary regimes of belonging. A first liberal cycle thus ended up in fractured and fragmented national communities, riddled by enduring colonial practices, capitalism, and racism. A second cycle of unrest (1910-1980) introduced the region into the global geopolitics of industrialization, political modernity, and state transformations. Often signaled by the language of the Cold War, a neoliberal cycle transcended the  politics of democracy and communism, bringing mass atrocities, authoritarianism, and different forms of political collapse and social demise. In the aftermath of this last cycle, thousands of Latin American lives continued to struggle over foundational sources of survival — material, social, political, and cultural. 

At Age of Revolutions, we are seeking for contributions that explore and discuss Latin America’s ongoing struggles and contemporary “revolutions,” from campesino demands for land and student protests to the current feminist movement and the LGBTI quest for rights, among others. 

Proposals are due on July 30th and the curated series is expected to be published through the fall of 2020.

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