Online Course on the US Constitution and its Reception in Brazil

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Summer Program
June 1, 2020 to September 14, 2020
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American History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Slavery

Graduate Program in Legal Sciences, UFPB, Joao Pessoa, Brazil

History of Constitutional Law 

The US Original Constitution and its Reception in Brazil.

Instructor: J. Ernesto Pimentel, Fh. E-mail: 


In times of Covid19, the Federal University of Paraiba, UFPB, opens this course to the global audience. Students from the world will have the opportunity to discuss the USA and Brazil's constitutional history from the Founding Era to the end of the nineteenth century with an instructor and Brazilian students of its Graduate Program in Law. The UFPB offers these lectures through the Google Meet platform with a limited number of spots for better development of the studies and discussions amongst participants. Some international scholars will take part in the course as special guests presenting seminars about their newly published books or legal articles in which they are authors on subjects connected to constitutional matters.


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Course Schedule


Endurance and Basis for a Historical Analysis

Jun 1

  • A theory on the endurance of constitutions.
  • Overview of the Brazilian constitutions.

Jun 8

  • Jefferson to James Madison and Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval.

Jun 15

  • Limited Government in History and Rule of Law

Jun 29

  • The New Era, a Written Constitution and the Ratification Process
  • The Research Sources.


Towards a Constitutional Convention

Jul 6  

  • America and Brazil. States with their Particular Names, or a Vast Coastal Area Called America?

Jul 13

  • About the Vast Portuguese Coastal Area Called Brazil.


The Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia and Outcomes: Self-Government

Jul 20

  • The Beginning of the Convention. Virginia’s Plan.

Jul 27

  • From the League of the united States to Federal Powers: Was it the “most grievous system of government”?
  • The Brazilian Parliamentary System in the Times of Pedro II.

Aug 3

  • Acceptance of Slavery

Aug 10

  • Union, or not Union?



Aug 17

  • Civil War and the Cotton Boom in Brazil: Perspectives of Freedom

Aug 24

  • The Confederate States of America (I)

Aug 31

  • The Confederate States of America (II)



Sep 7

  • The End of the Empire

Sep 14

  • From the Empire to the United States of Brazil


> The complete list of references will be spread on June 1st, 2020.

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