The Future of Christian Thinking

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April 28, 2021 to May 1, 2021
Ireland {Republic}
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Religious Studies and Theology, Humanities, Intellectual History, Philosophy, Political History / Studies

"The Future of Christian Thinking" — St Patrick’s College Maynooth

28th Apr - 1st May 2021


Today, perhaps more than ever before, Christian thought faces unprecedented challenges; ranging from a denial of metaphysics, to previously unforeseen ethico-moral questions arising from contemporary science and ever-advancing technologies, to a full-blown economizing of the political, to name just some of the most obvious. Couple this with the fact that amongst Christian thinkers there is no real consensus on the meaning, definition and end of Christian thinking and the future of Christian thinking looks hazy, unclear and tenuous.

The theme of this conference seeks to think from out of these unprecedented challenges while, simultaneously, straining to look into a nebulous and unforeseen future. In order to do this, a vast array of many of the foremost thinkers engaged with Christian thought and beyond have been invited to speak on these issues. These thinkers are representative of many different schools, approaches and styles of Christian thought, across confessional divides. The vast array of thinkers invited is itself a testimony of the polyphonic vitality of Christian thought today and, together, the ever-pressing question of the future of Christian thinking will be pondered from within an intellectually polyphonic and ecumenical conversation and perspective.

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Rowan Williams || Eleonore Stump || David Bentley Hart || Robert George || John Milbank || Cyril O'Regan || William Desmond || Thomas Joseph White || DC Schindler || Francesca Aran Murphy || Conor Cunningham || Judith Wolfe || Patrick Lee || Rudi te Velde || Therese-Ane Druart || Philipp Rosemann || Mette Lebech || Caitlin Smith Gilson || Gyula Klima || John Knasas || Philip John Paul Gonzales || Gaven Kerr


Conference location: St Patrick's College, Maynooth
Main St, Collegeland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Wednesday 28th April registration for the conference will begin in the evening time TBC. 29th & 30th April will consist of two full day sessions from 9:30am - 6:30pm Conference dinner on the 29th)

Conference will conclude on Saturday the 1st May at lunchtime.

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Hosts: Dr Gaven Kerr & Dr Philip Gonzales
Lecturers in Department of Philosophy

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