Call for Articles - The Environment and Social Justice in Asia - Special Issue, Asian Affairs Journal

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Articles are invited for a special issue of the Asian Affairs Journal on the subject of "The Environment and Social Justice in Asia", to be published in November 2020. Articles covering any field or issue under this heading, including mining, water issues, forestry, manual scavenging, climate change, pollution, wildlife issues, or any other related matter are sought for this special issue of the Journal. This special issue hopes to focus attention on the interactions of environmental issues, politics, wealth, opportunities and privileges, as well as the effect of interventions and advocacy work on behalf of marginalised groups. 

Articles should be 5-7,000 words long, and aimed at both a general as well as an academic audience. Full details guidelines on submissions can be found at the Journal Homepage: (instructions for authors)

Submissions or enquiries should be made by email to the editor, Bijan Omrani - 

The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2020. 

The Asian Affairs Journal has been published since 1914, and is the journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs in London ( It is published internationally by Taylor and Francis, and has a wide readership amongst both academics, policy-makers, diplomats, and those in business and government. More information on the Journal can be found at the aims and scope page on the Journal website:

Recent special issues of the Journal have focused on the Belt-and-Road Initiative, and also Religious Freedom in South Asia. Please see the links below to see these issues: (Belt and Road) (Religious Freedom in South Asia)


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Bijan Omrani, Editor, Asian Affairs Journal.

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