Mapping Hong Kong—A History Workshop

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May 28, 2020 to May 30, 2020
British Columbia, Canada
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East Asian History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, World History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, Local History

The UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative, in partnership with the Hong Kong History Project at the University of Bristol, is pleased to announce that a modified history workshop will be held via Zoom on May 28–30, 2020.

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(All times listed are in Pacific Daylight Time)

Session 1 (Thursday, May 28, 18:00)

Who Controlled the Public Health? Municipality, Government Administration and Kai-Fong Committees in Early 20th Century Hong Kong
Shingo Kobori, Kyoto University

RelicStories: Archaeological Heritage and the Reconstruction of Histories in Postcolonial Hong Kong
Cecilia L. Chu, University of Hong Kong
Lachlan Barber, Hong Kong Baptist University

The Archival Plunge: Historical Re-enactments in Artist Archive and Archival Art Practices of Hong Kong
Vennes Cheng, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Session 2 (Friday, May 29, 10:00)

An American in Hong Kong: Mapping Intimacy in the Age of Exclusion
Nadine Attewell, McMaster University

Chinese Identities in Twentieth-Century Hong Kong
Matthew Foreman, Northwestern University

Session 3 (Friday, May 29, 13:00)

Entangled Empires: Reframing 1970s Hong Kong with the Vietnam War
Yiwen Liu, Simon Fraser University

Sonic Utopia Through the Bamboo Curtain: Modern Chinese Orchestra and the Cultural Politics of Listening in Early-1970s Hong Kong
Ray Pok-Tung Wong, City University of New York

Transnational “Rice Serving with Television”: Hong Kong Cantonese Pop Culture and its Connection with Singapore and Malaysia
Ka Lee Wong, University of Southern California

Session 4 (Saturday, May 30, 09:00)

A Historical Perspective on the Process of Creating Hong Kong’s Identity
Malgorzata Osinska, Jagiellonian University

Sung Wong Toi as Symbol
Helena Wu, University of Zurich

American and British Communities in Hong Kong during the Civil War
Thomas Larkin, University of Bristol

‘The Excitement of the Moment’: 1966 and the Coming of Age of Hong Kong’s Political Awareness
Gemma O’Neill, University of Bristol


The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of: Department of Asian Studies, Department of History, Centre for Chinese Research, Interdisciplinary Histories Research Cluster, and St. John’s College.