CFP: The Environment in World History

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Call for Papers
March 1, 2021
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World History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, History Education, Social Sciences, Contemporary History

World History Connected is a 14-year-old affiliate of the World History Association published by the University of Illinois Press. It is currently seeking papers for a special issue on environmental/ecological lenses to approaching World History.  Potential topics could include research in the role of the environment and environmental changes in World History; sustainability and the preservation of nature in World History; or the "Anthropocene" and World History.  Also welcome: innovative pedagogical approaches to incorporating these topics into World History courses at all levels of instruction.

Submissions should be received by March 1st, 2021 for possible publication in the June issue of 2021. Submissions on other topics germane to World History are also welcome at any time.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the Guest Editor for this issue, Brian Holstrom at Correspondence relating to books to be reviewed should contact the Book Editor, Christine Skwiot at Due to cost, books for review cannot be supplied to reviewers outside the United States. All submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review. World History Connected reserves the right to decline to publish any submission.

All submissions must follow the style sheet on the left-hand side of the journal’s webpage at (though currently the need for an abstract has been waived). They should be conveyed with the subject line “WHC Submission and the author(s) last name.” Submissions should also be prepared double-spaced, with one-inch margins and subheads at the left-hand margins, with endnotes, a short biography (250 words) such as that appears on all published WHC articles, a mailing address, and phone number. The length of submitted articles should be more than 3,000 words, with upper limitation as is appropriate (usually not more than 10,000 words).

World History Connected (ISSN 1931-8642) is an open-sourced (free) e-journal that currently reaches 1.85 million "readers" (scholars who read more than two articles) annually and attracts 6 million visits to its website. It is published 3 times a year (February, June, and October). Recent issues of the journal have explored the Atlantic in World History and Film in World History. Scheduling is an art rather than a science, so those wishing to submit an individual article pursuing innovative approaches to this interdisciplinary field or wishing to serve as Guest Editors curating one of its “Forum” sections (a group of articles on a topic of interest to the field) should express that interest as soon as is practical. Past “Forum” Guest Editors have included Presidents of the American Historical Association and the World History Association (Patrick Manning and Laura Mitchell, respectively).

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Brian Holstrom, Guest Editor

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