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Call for Papers
May 11, 2020 to August 15, 2020
United States
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Composition & Rhetoric, Educational Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Teaching and Learning

The pandemic has shaken up education at every level. We seek contributions for our next issue of Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy (Penn State University Press) for a special section on "Teaching in a Pandemic." The contribution can be a reflective essay or creative work on teaching and learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Contributors can come from any sector of education: professors, graduate students, teaching assistants, K-12 teachers, administrators, support staff, home schoolers, parents, policymakers, and students. The due date for submissions is 15 August 2020.

Possible topics include: 

  • Technology: connecting with and engaging students online; the possibilities and limitations of technology; pedagogical strategies, trials, and errors.
  • Affect: navigating the emotions of teaching and learning during a pandemic.
  • Precarity: the impact of economics, race, (dis)ability, and other social inequalities on teaching and learning.
  • Health: the effects of sickness, the responsibilities of care-taking; the possibilities and limitations of self-care; physical and mental health.
  • Labor: emotional work; balancing home and work; gender and work; risk and safety; activism.
  • Contexts: public policy; local, national, and global politics; environmental and racial justice.
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Jason D. Martinek, Co-Editor

Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarshp and Pedagogy

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