Pockets, Pouches & Secret Drawers

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Call for Papers
May 5, 2020 to December 5, 2020
United Kingdom
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History, Humanities, Social Sciences

The title of this conference refers to enclosed places, deception and privacy, focusing on three spatial areas – the body, clothing and furniture. For Baudelaire the weight of memoriesis like a desk full of hidden drawers; for Carroll the white rabbit’s pocket drives Alice down into Wonderland. Houses contain rooms, which contain furniture with secret contents; bodies enclose pouches, wombs, systems, membranes. All enclosures imply possible exposure but also protect themselves against revelation – why and how? Do boys’ pockets differ from girls’? Is a poacher’s coat, lined with hidden pockets, quite different from the mechanism bywhich drawers spring out of an eighteenth-century lady’s escritoire to carry when she travels?What is the ‘person’ that hides things about itself? This topic crosses many disciplinary boundaries as well as languages, centuries and media. The conference will include three keynote speakers, a performance by a magician, a dinner and break-out sessions.

Please send proposals for a 20-minute paper (or for a panel of three 20-minute papers) to the two organisers, Naomi Segal (n.segal@bbk.ac.uk) and Jean Owen (ojean27@yahoo.com). The proposal should comprise your name, email address & academic affiliation if any; a 300- word abstract, with title, and a 100-word mini-bio. Deadline: 26 June 2020

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