Call for Book Reviewers: Sound Studies

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Call for Papers
October 31, 2020
California, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Music and Music History, Popular Culture Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

Interested Book Reviewers,


Sound Studies is currently looking for qualified book reviewers for many recent and upcoming editions on the academic study of sound and the soundscape.


Sound Studies is an international, peer reviewed and inter-disciplinary journal in sound studies, providing a unique forum for the development of the subject within a range of disciplines such as history, sociology, media and cultural studies, film studies, anthropology, philosophy, urban studies, architecture, arts and performance studies.


The journal encourages the study and research of sound by publishing submissions that are interdisciplinary, theoretical, empirically rich and critical in nature. Situated at the cutting edge of sensory studies, Sound Studies builds on more than two decades of pioneering work in the history, theory, ethnography and cultural analysis of sound. 


Reviews to be published in the journal should summarize the assigned work and offer a critical reading in the context of similar works on the topic addressed.


If you are interested in reviewing for Sound Studies, please e-mail Andrew Kettler at Please attach a CV to the e-mail and include within your e-mail a short statement of your desired topics for books to review.


Once a list of reviewers is compiled, requests to review specific works published in the last two years will be sent to potential reviewers.


Thank you and stay safe in these troubling times.




Andrew Kettler, UCLA

Book Review Editor, Sound Studies

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Andrew Kettler

Ahmanson-Getty Fellow, UCLA

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